ideaForge (iF) is a pioneer in the drone's space in India. It leads the Indian market as the largest player in the domain with focus on Security & Surveillance and Mapping & Surveying. Its drones have flown over 220,000 missions and have a utilization rate of an ideaForge drone taking off every 6 mins or less. All of the Indian Defence & Homeland Security Forces, several Govt. Departments and Industries use iF drones daily for either security or mapping.

Having built the entire tech stack by itself, iF is known for delivering autonomous drones that promise best-in-class performance and reliability. iF's drones are 'Built like a Bird, Tested like a Tank', to ensure that its systems can survive almost any terrain, altitude and weather conditions. Its innovative technology stack also bagged the Indian National Intellectual Property Award for 2020 for iF.


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