Testo 882 (IR Thermal Camera)
Model No :
Part Code :
0560 0882


882 gives clear thermal images taken from a wide angle; parallel digital real images of the same measuring object with manual or motor-driven focusing. It also provides documents and analyses of the thermal images of the object you have measured. A truly complete technology.

- Premium image quality: thermal image resolution 320 x 240 pixels / 640 x 480* pixels
- Precise measurements: thermal sensitivity < 50 mK
32°lens, automatic hot/cold spot recognition
- Display of surface moisture distribution (by manual input)Humidity measurement with wireless humidity probe (automatic measurement value transfer in real time)
- Voice recording using the headset, Lens protection Glass

Major Applications
- Preventive maintenance
-Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality
-Professional energy consultation
- Preventing mould formation
- Easy checking of heating systems and installations

Technical Specifications
- Measuring range: -20 to +100°C; 0 to +350 °C (switchable)
- High temperature measuring: +350 to +550 °C
- Accuracy: ±2 °C,; ±2% of mv
- Infrared resolution: 320 x 240 pixel
- Analysis function: Up to 2 measurement points, hot/cold spot recognition, isotherms, area measurement (min/max on area)

General Specifications
- Storage temperature: -30 °C; 60 °C
- Operating temperature: -15 °C; 40 °C
- Housing protection class: IP54
- Vibration: 2G
- Standards: EU-/EG-guidelines :-.2004/108/EG