Testo 868 (Handheld Affordable Thermal Camera)
Model No :
Part Code :
0560 8681


868 thermal imager is for applications in daily maintenance and installation work in trade and industry. You can generate error-free and objectively comparable infrared images using its handy functions. Guarantees wireless communication with mobile terminal device via WLAN.

- Very good image quality due to high resolution: 19,200 temperature measuring points for precise thermography.
- Visualizing temperature differences of 0.10 °C
- Built-in digital camera generates a real image in parallel to the thermal image
- K10Automatic hot-cold spot recognition directly displays critical temperature conditions

Major Applications
- Preventive maintenance
-Detecting structural defects and ensuring construction quality
-Professional energy consultation
- Easy checking of heating systems and installations

Technical Specifications
- Measuring range: -30 to +100° C; 0 to +650° C
- Accuracy: ±2 °C, ±2 % of mv
- Infrared resolution: 160 x 120 pixels
- SuperResolution (Pixel): 320 x 240 pixels
- Interface: USB 2.0 Micro B
- WLAN Connectivity: Communication with the testo Thermography App;

General Specifications
- Housing protection class: IP54
- Vibration: 2G
- Storage temperature: -30 to +60 °C
- Operating temperature: -15 to +50 °C
- Standards: EMC: 2014/30/EU; RED: 2014/53/EU