testo Sensor LD pro - Leak detector (with integrated camera)
Model No :
testo Sensor LD pro
Part Code :
8900 0501


The Testo Sensor LD pro ultrasonic detector kit is the best device for the smallest leaks, which are not audible to the human ear and not visible due to their size, can already be localized from several metres away. It converts the inaudible ultrasound into audible frequencies. The leak can be more accurately localized with the integrated laser pointer which acts as a sighter. The leakage data can be transmitted to the Testo Leak Software via a USB interface.

- Easy operation via touchscreen
- With integrated camera: display and storage of leaks in the image
- Direct display of the leakage rate in l/min and the costs in EUR
- Transmission of leakage data to the PC via USB, easy creation of a report in accordance with ISO 50001 with the Testo Leak Software

Major Applications
- Leaks in pressure and vacuum systems
- Leaks in containers
- Leakage points in the pneumatic brakes of trucks and trains
- Leaks in piping systems
- Leaks in oxygen connections in hospitals
- Leaks in steam separators - leaky valves
- Electrical partial discharges on seals

Technical Specifications
- Working frequency: 40 kHz ±2 kHz
- Connections: 3.5 mm jack plug for headphones, mains unit socket for connecting an external charger
- Laser: Wavelength: 645 to 660 nm Output power: < 1 mW (laser class 2)
- Display: 3.5" touchscreen
- Interface: USB interface
- Data logger: 2 GB SD memory card
- Operating time: 9 hrs in continuous operation

General Specifications
- Operating temperature: 0 to +50 °C
- Pressure and leak detector
- Battery charging time: 4 h
- Storage temperature: -10 to +50 °C
- EMC: DIN EN 61326
- Auto level: Automatically adjusts sensitivity to the
surroundings and reliably blocks out
ambient sounds.
- Sensitivity: Min.: 0.1 l/min at 6 bar, 5m distance,
approx. 1 EUR/year compressed air costs