Megger Dynamic Motor Analyser
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Megger Baker EXP4000
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The Megger's Baker EXP4000 is a powerful tool, designed for site use, to analyse the motor running under its normal load. It tracks multiple data types to identify trends that indicate potential problems. Voltage and current are measured and a series of parameters are then calculated, including power quality, rotor bar condition, % load, % operating efficiency, average torque value, torque ripple showing variation within process, monitoring of start-up transients (volts, current and torque) and much more.

- Monitors and assesses conditions across a running “machine system” that impact the health and performance of the motor within the system
- Evaluates the quality of incoming power fed to motor
- Assesses motor performance indicators
- Tracks the amount and condition of load placed on the motor
- Instrument connection options: at a motor junction box, at the instrumentation cabinet, inside a motor control cabinet (MCC), from outside an MCC (requires a Baker EP1000 (dynamic motor link))
- Designed for rugged site use in tight spaces typical of industrial environments
- AC or battery operation
- Visual confirmation of motor integrity
- Facilitates survey of plant-wide motor efficiency
- Microsoft Windows 7 operating system

Major Applications
-Power quality
-Machine performance
-Current Spectrum
-Torque Variable
-frequency drives
-Continuous monitoring
-Transient analysis

Technical Specifications
- Maximum rated measurement/test voltage1000V AC, 500V DC (existing PTs and CTs are used for high voltage applications)
- Current transformers (portable)10A, 40A / 400A (switchable), 150A, 1000A, 3000A
- Broken rotor bars or bearing faults can be detected
- The innovative torque analysis capabilities within the EXP4000 can expose torque-related problems
- Transient startupAccurately troubleshooting any motor system issues at start-up and diagnosing timing issues involves discerning if a problem is with the power fed to the motor, the motor itself, or the load
- VFDs pose a unique set of challenges for maintenance professionals

General Specifications
- 500 GB hard drive
- 4 GB memory
- Battery and AC power
- Microsoft Windows 10 operating system
- USB port
- Industrial standardsNEMA MG-1