Megger Baker DX Series Static Electric Motor Analyzers
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Megger Baker DX series
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The Megger's Baker DX finds all common problems with an industrial motor’s insulation or electrical systems. The industry-leading, standards-compliant range of tests includes: Winding resistance, inductance, capacitance, impedance, phase angle and D/Q, insulation resistance, dielectric absorption (DA), polarization index (PI), step voltage, DC hipot, surge, surge PD (partial discharge) and rotor influence check (RIC)

- 4 to 40kV max test voltages to perform tests on a full spectrum of motor and coils (fractional horsepower motors up to multi-megawatt generators)
- High- and low-voltage test capability in a single instrument to test motor circuit and insulation systems
- Intuitive graphical user interface with large, glove-friendly touch screen
- USB printer and flash drive interface for easy report printing and data transfer
- Coil mode enables rapid testing of coils and storage of all data

Major Applications
-In a motor repair shop, or for new production motors,
Technical Specifications
- DC testsVoltage accuracy: 3%
- Maximum resistance: > 75 G?
- Current accuracy: 5%
- Minimum resistance: 5 M?
- Maximum output current: 5mA
- Surge energy: 2.88J
- Short circuit current: 600A
- Inception and extinction voltages (PDIV, PDEV)Measured per IEC 61934
- PD time resolution (per pixel)10 nS – 50 µs

General Specifications
- Power supply: 230V
- Internal memory: 2 GB
- Internal storage: 16 GB SD card
- Printer interface: USB/PCL 3 type printer
- External connectors: RLC leads, foot switch, remote E-stop safety lights, Baker power pack, ground
- User interface: 8-in color VGA touch screen