Keysight Technologies
Keysight U1610A Handheld Oscilloscopes, 100 MHz, 2 Analog Channels
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Keysight - U1610A
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The world’s first handheld oscilloscope with a VGA display. This 100 MHz handheld oscilloscope offers a floating measurement capability with two CAT III 300 V isolated channels.

`- 100 MHz bandwidth with two isolated channels
- 5.7-inch VGA TFT LCD display with 3 selectable viewing modes (indoor, outdoor and nightvision)
- 120Kpts memory depth and 1 GSa/s sampling rate allows detailed analysis of captured
- 10,000-count resolution on DMM display
- Channel-to-channel isolation with CAT III 300 V safety ratings
- Data logging capability to PC
- 10 selectable languages on the User Interface (UI) system

Major Applications
Field electronic troubleshooting
Technical Specifications
`- Bandwidth : 200Mhz, 2 channel
- DC vertical gain accuracy: ± 4% of full scale
- Max Sampling rate: 1 GSa/s
- Maximum Recording Length: Single Chanel Operation120Kpts interleave
- Vertical resolution 8 bits
- Peak detection:> 10 ns
- Calculated rise time: 3.5ns

General Specifications
- Maximum input CAT III 600 V (with 10:1 probe)
- Coupling DC, AC
- Trigger Types Edge, Glitch, TV, Nth Edge, CAN, LIN
- Display 5.7" TFT LCD VGA Color (outdoor readable)
- Storage mode USB 2.0 full speed host port
- Battery Li-Ion rechargeable battery pack, 10.8 V
- Operating time: Up to 3 hours