Hioki - Memory Hi Logger LR8431
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Hioki - LR8431
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Hioki Memory HiLoggers are high-speed data loggers for recording multiple chanels of voltage, temperature, pulse or rotation signals, providing complete isolation between channels and strong noise resistance . The LR8431 logs data at 10ms speeds across 10 channels simultaneously, and features a bright color LCD for crystal clear waveform displays.

- Record measurement data on a USB flash drive for easy transfer to a computer
- Record to reliable Compact Flash cards during long-term measurement applications for increased peace of mind
- Replace storage media during real-time recording
- Improved thermocouple measurement accuracy and reference junction compensation accuracy
- Ten isolated analog input channels
- 10 ms sampling and recording across all channels
- Noise-resistant measurement circuitry for improved readings
- Ultra-compact for convenient portability
- Widescreen, bright LCD gives excellent viewability

Major Applications
- Temprature Distribution Management of Refrigerators
-Measure the Voltage Characteristics of Electric Double-layer Capacitors for Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs)
- Logging Measurements using a Wireless Local Area Network

Technical Specifications
- Number of channels : Analog: 10 isolated channels using scanning input method (M3 mm dia. screw terminal block)
- Pulse: 4 channels (All pulse inputs share common ground with the main unit)
- Measurement parameters : Voltage : ±100 mV to ±60 V, 1-5V f.s. 6 ranges, Max. resolution 5µV
- Temperature (thermocouples) : -200 °C to 1800 °C (depend on the sensor), 1 range (K, J, E, T, N, R, S, B), Max. resolution 0.1 °C
- Temperature (Pt 100 sensor) : not available
- Humidity : not available
- Totalized pulses : 0 to 1000M pulse, 1 range (No-voltage ‘a’ contact, open collector or voltage input), Max. resolution 1 pulse
- Rotation count : 0 to 5000/n (r/s) f.s. 1 range (No-voltage ‘a’ contact, open collector or voltage input), Resolution 1/n (r/s) Note: n = pulses per rotation (1 to 1,000)
- Max. allowable input : DC 60 V (Analog input), DC -5 V to 10 V (Pulse input)
- Max. rated voltage to earth : AC 30 Vrms, DC 60 V (Upper limit voltage that does not cause damage when applied between input channel and chassis, and between each input channels)
- Recording intervals : 10 ms to 1 hour, 19 selections (All input channels are scanned within each recording interval.)
- Selectable filters : 50 Hz, 60 Hz, or OFF (digital filtering of high frequencies on analog channels)

General Specifications
- Memory capacity : Internal storage: 3.5 M-words, External storage: CF card or USB memory stick (only the HIOKI CF card is guaranteed for correct operation)
- External interface : USB 2.0 mini-B receptacle ×1; Functions: Control from a PC, Transfers files from the installed CF card to a PC (cannot transfer files from the connected USB memory stick to a PC via USB communication), Data copy between CF card and USB memory stick
- Display : 4.3-inch WQVGA-TFT color LCD (480 × 272 dots)
- Functions : Save data to the CF card or USB memory stick in real time, Numerical Calculations, etc.
- Power supply : AC adapter Z1005: 100 to 240 VAC (50/60 Hz)
- Battery pack 9780: Continuous use 2.5 hours
12 V DC supply: 10 to 16 V (please contact HIOKI distributor for cable; less than 3 m/9.84 ft cable length)