Hioki Memory Hicorder MR8880
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Hioki MR8880
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Hioki Memory HiCorders are high-speed waveform monitoring and recording devices that can simultaneously measure multiple quick-changing phenomena due to complete isolation between channels and from each channel to the ground. The MR8880 is a data acquisition (DAQ) recorder built in with 4 analog channels that can accept direct input of 600V, enabling measurements of 3-phase systems.

- CAT III 600V isolation performance; directly measure a 480V power line
- 4 completely isolated channels let you simultaneously record data on a 3-phase power line plus have one extra channel
- Tough against harsh environments; -10°C to 50°C operating temperature range
- Built to withstand mechanical shocks and vibrations (ships standard with side protectors)
- Make settings easily with PRESETS function

Major Applications
- Test the operational timing of circuit breakers in power industries
-Evaluate Server Location for Vibration Charateristics
- Maintenance of Dynamic Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Technical Specifications
- Number of channels : 4 analog channels + 8 logic channels (standard)
- Measurement ranges (10 div full-scale) : 4 channels of voltage measurement; mode switchable between instantaneous waveform or RMS value, 10 mV to 100 V/div, 13 ranges, resolution: 1/640 of range
- Max. rated voltage : Between terminals: 600 V AC/DC, Between terminal to earth: 600 V AC/DC CAT III; 300 V AC/DC CAT IV
- Frequency characteristics : DC to 100 kHz (±3dB)
- Time axis (High-speed function) : 100 µs to 100 ms/div, 10 ranges, Sampling period: 1/100 of range

General Specifications
- Measurement functions : High-speed function (high speed recording)
- Real-time function (actual time recording) : Memory capacity : 14-bits × 1M-words/ch (1 word = 2 bytes)
- Removable storage : CF card slot ×1 (Up to 2 GB), USB 2.0 memory ×1
- Printing : [Printer unit is option] 112 mm (4.41 in) × 18 m (59.06 ft), thermal paper roll, Recording speed : 10 mm (0.39 in)/sec