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Fluke 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator
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Fluke 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator
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The 5522A Multi-Product Calibrator replaces the 5520A and addresses a wide calibration workload and comes with internal and external protection features.
The 5522A is a voltage calibrator, a resistance calibrator, a current calibrator and much more. It sources direct voltage and current, alternating voltage and current with multiple waveforms and harmonics, two simultaneous voltage outputs or voltage and current to simulate dc and ac power with phase control, resistance, capacitance, thermocouples and RTDs. The 5522A can also measure thermocouple temperature, and pressure using one of 29 Fluke 700 Series pressure modules.

- Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test equipment
- Robust protection circuits prevent costly damage from operator error
- Resistance calibrator, voltage calibrator, current calibrator and more Redesigned carrying handles make the 5522A easy to transport
- Rugged optional carrying case with built-in handles and wheels and removable front/rear access doors for in-situ calibration in almost any environment
- Remarkably affordable

Major Applications
- Calibration of following instruments:
- Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) up to 6 ½ digits
- Current clamps and clamp meters
- Thermocouples and RTDs
- Process calibrators
- Data loggers
- Strip and chart recorders
- Watt meters
- Power harmonics analyzers
- Panel meters
- Graphical multimeters
- Power quality analyzers (with option)
- Analog or digital handheld and bench oscilloscopes to 600 MHz or 1.1 GHz (with options) including pressure gauges and transducers and three-phase power meters

Technical Specifications
- Function & Range:
- Direct volts: 0 to ± 1020 V
- Direct Current: 0 to 20.5 A
- Alternating volts: 1 mV to 1020 V ,10 Hz to 500 kHz
- Volt*Hertz: 1000 V@ 10 kHz/330 V@100 kHz
- Alternating current: 29 µA to 20.5 A ,10 Hz to 30 kHZ
- Waveforms: Sine, square, triangle, truncated sine
- Resistance: 0 MO to 1100 MO
- Capacitance: 220 pF to 110 mF
- Power (phantom loads): 20.9 kW
- Phase control: 0.01°
- Thermocouple (source and measure temperature): B, C, E, J, K L N R, S, T, U 10 µV/°C
- RTD (source temperature): Pt 385-100 O, Pt 3926-100 O Pt 3916-100 O,
Pt 385-200 O, Pt 385-500 O, Pt385 1000 O, PtNi 385-120 O, (Ni120), Cu 427 10 O

General Specifications
- Interfaces: RS-232, IEEE 488
- Phase lock: Yes
- Frequency uncertainty: <2.5 ppm
- External frequency reference (10 MHz): Yes
- Calibration Documentation: 17025 accredited report of calibration included
- Oscilloscope calibrator (optional): Levelled sine wave from 5 mV to 5.5 Vpp max, frequencies 50 kHz to 600 kHz and 3.5 Vpp max to 1100 MHz; edge rise times of < 300ps, multiple trigger functions, lowest dc, square wave and timing uncertainty
- Power calibrator (optional): Composite harmonic, flicker simulation, sags and swells simulation modes