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Megger Sweep Frequency Response Analyzers
Model No :
Megger- FRAX99
Part Code :
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Megger's The FRAX series of sweep frequency response analyzers (SFRA) de-tects mechanical and electrical changes of the core and winding as-sembly of power transformers. Major utilities and service companies have used the FRA method for more than a decade and the method is covered in international standards.

- Highest dynamic range and accuracy in the industry
- Fulfills international standards for SFRA measurements?
- Advanced analysis and decision support built into the software
- FRAX 150 with built in PC and touchscreen?
- Imports data from other FRA test sets?
- Battery operated (optional FRAX 99 and FRAX 101)?

Major Applications
- Smallest and most rugged FRA instrument in the industry??
- Guaranteed repeatability by using superior cabling technology and standardized signal cable grounding technique (IEC 60076-18, Method 1)??
- Fulfills international standards for Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) measurements (IEC 60076-18, IEEE C57.149 etc).?
- Highest dynamic range and accuracy in the industry allowing even the most subtle electro-mechanical changes within the transformer to be detected.?
- Advanced analysis and support software tools allows for sound decision making with regard to further diagnostics analysis and/or transformer disposition
- Built-in PC with touchscreen

Technical Specifications
- Test method: Sweep frequency (SFRA)
- Frequency range: 0.1 Hz – 25 MHz, user selectable
- Frequency resolution: 0.01%
- Frequency accuracy: 0.01% (measurement error)
- Level resolution: 0.001 dB
- Number of points: Default 1046, Up to 32 000 points, user selectable
- Measurement time: Default 64 s, fast setting, 37 s (20 Hz – 2 MHz)
- Points spacing: Log., linear or both
- Sweep settings: Individual settings for customer defined frequency bands. h
- Internal noise level (average 20 Hz to 2 MHz): < -120 dB
- Inaccuracy: ±0.1 dB from +10 dB down to -40 dB ±1 dB down to -100 dB
- IF bandwidth: User selectable, default <10%

General Specifications
- Channels: 2
- Sampling: Simultaneous
- Frequency range: 0.1 Hz – 25 MHz
- Input impedance: 50 O
- Sampling rate: 100 MS/s