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Megger Insulation Diagnostic Analyzers
Model No :
Megger IDAX350
Part Code :
IDAX 350 IDAX 300S with internal computer: AG-19192. Contact us for final configuration


Megger's IDAX is an insulation diagnostic instrument based on DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy). DFR technology is an established test procedure in laboratories that in an innovative effort by Megger has been adapted for field use in the IDAX range of instruments.

- State-of-the-art measurement of moisture content, tan delta / power factor and oil conductivity using DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response)
- Easy-to-use: Software with automated measurement flow and analysis of test results “Traffic light” interpretation of test results?
- Dedicated test procedures for power transformers, bushings and current transformers?
- Automated individual temperature correction (ITC) for accurate comparison with reference data/tests ?
- Reliable measurements even in high-interference environments?
- Interfaces to high voltage amplifiers?
- Versions with or without on-board computer

Major Applications
- IDAX provides an accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulation in transformers, bushings, current transformers, generators and cables
Technical Specifications
- Inputs: Red, blue, ground
- Capacitance range: 10 pF – 100 µF
- Inaccuracy: 0.5% + 1 pF
- Tan delta range0 - 100 (with retained accuracy of capacitance; otherwise higher)
- Power factor range0 - 1 (with retained accuracy of capacitance; otherwise higher)
- Max AC interference: 1 mA, 1:10 SN
- Time Domain Current Measurement (PDC)Range: ±50 mA
- Resolution: 0.1 pA
- Inaccuracy: 0.5% ±1 pA
- Input resistance (DC mode)=10 kO

General Specifications
- Operating system: Windows XP / 7 / 8 /10
- Processor: Pentium 500 MHz
- Memory: 512 Mb RAM or more
- Interface: USB 2.0 and Ethernet
- Mains voltage: 100 – 240V ±10%, 50 / 60 H