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Megger Hand-held Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
Model No :
Megger - TTR 100-1
Part Code :


The Megger TTR100-1 is an automatic handheld, battery operated transformer turns ratio test set used to measure the turns ratio, excitation current, phase displacement, dc resistance and polarity of windings in single- and three-phase distribution transformers (tested phase by phase), potential & current transformers and tapped transformers. Deviations in the mentioned measurements will quickly indicate problems in transformer windings or in the magnetic core circuits.

- Single and three-phase transformer testing (up to 1 MVA)
- Lightweight, handheld
- Battery powered, line rechargeable
- Tests turns ratio, phase displacement, excitation current, winding resistance and polarity
- RS232 for data transfer
- Stores 200 test results and 100 user-defined transformer test settings

Major Applications
- Transformer manufacturing unit
- Transformer service sector
- Utility maintenace

Technical Specifications
- Transformer Turns Ratio: 8 V ac: 0.8 to 20,000, 5 digit resolution (for transformers and PT testing)
- Turns Ratio Accuracy* ±0.20% (0.8 to 4,000)
- Winding Resistance Accuracy±(10% of reading + 1 digit) for 10 O to 2000 O range
- Excitation Current: 0 to 100 mA, 4-digit resolution
- Phase Angle Deviation: ±90º, 1 decimal point for the minutes display, 2 decimal points for the degree display, or for the centiradian display
- Winding Resistance: 0 to 2000 O, 4 digit resolution
- Transformer Vector Group: 1PH0 or 1PH6

General Specifications
- Transformer Winding Phase Relationship: ANSI C57.12.70-1978
- CEI/IEC 76-1:1993 and Publication 616: 1978
- AS-2374, Part 4-1982 (Australian Standard)
- Measuring Time: 8 to 20 seconds for a single-phase distribution transformer
- Measurement Method: ANSI/IEEE C57.12.90 and IEC 600076.1 (2000)