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Megger Fully Automatic Insulating Oil Dielectric Breakdown Testing
Model No :
Megger OTS100AF
Part Code :
OTS100AF-USA-P4 = This order is for an OTS100AF with US power lead, ASTM electrode set, internal printer and lid stirrer. Contact us for final confi


Megger's OTS100AF is a 100 kV oil test sets that are small and the lightest on the market with weight ranging from 16 kg depending on model configuration. They come complete with optional carry bag and transport case. The carry bag has pouches for electrode accessory pack, leads, quick user guide, paper roll etc. these units can be supplied mains powered only, or mains powered and battery operated for additional flexibility in portable applications.

- Lock in precision oil vessel
- lockable gap setting ??
- Flat electrode gap gauges that will not damage electrodes ??
- Oil temperature is measured continuously so it can be determined whether the oil test sample is within the range allowed by the test standards before the test is commenced
- QVGA colour display with backlight (easy to read in sunlight or dark conditions)??
- Large, easy clean test chamber with oil drain ??
- High visibility test chamber ??
- Safe operation with dual redundant micro switches ??
- Intuitive user interface??
- Fully automatic operation with preloaded international test standards

Major Applications
- Monitoring and maintenance of oil quality is essential in ensuring the reliable operation of oil filled electrical equipment
Technical Specifications
- Max test voltage: 0 to 100 kV rms maximum (50 kV - 0 - 50 kV)
- Voltage rise time 0.5 kV/s, 2.0 kV/s or 3 kV/s depending on selected test standard
- Voltage rise time accuracy better than 5%
- Voltage resolution and accuracy 0.1 kV ±1% ±2 digits
- Vessels 400 ml (standard)
- Temperature measuring range: 10 °C to 65 °C
- Temperature sensor resolution: 1 °C

General Specifications
- Power supply: Line voltage 85 to 265 VAC, Line frequency 50/60 Hz
- Interface2 x USB type-A (Flash drive, printer) 1 x USB type-B (Factory use only, or Printer)
- Internal printer: (Option) Matrix impact printer Paper 57.5 mm wide
- External printer: Any printer with USB interface and PCL3 driver